July 16, 2009

One too many bottles

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Anna’s walking now, but it looks like she needs to lay off the bottle.

July 3, 2009

Anna 1 - Cake 0

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Anna’s first birthday party had a bunch of family, food on the barbecue, and lots of playing in the back yard. However, we’ll just skip to the cake part, which was Anna’s favorite.

Note from mom: The dress was adorable, though you can’t see much of it in these photos. There was also a cute hat, but Anna refused to wear it. And the cake was the wrong color, we had ordered pink.

Ooh, this is pretty good stuff. Why have you been holding out on me all year?

Anna wins, cake is demolished.

Would you like some?

Mom and Simon get to share some cake.

June 29, 2009

Anna’s almost walking

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Anna’s getting close to walking, we’re wondering if she’ll make it by her birthday.

February 2, 2009

Simon’s Words

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I was keeping a list of all the words that Simon says, up through the beginning of January. I had to stop because he began picking up words so rapidly that the list would get out of control.

Anna Azin Caco (Carlos)
Dada Edna Gapa (Grandpa Jack)
Jazz Mom-mom Nadia
Ninon (Simon) Papa Sammy
Tata (Abuelo Simón) Yayo (Sergio)
uno dos tres
five seis ocho
nine diez
Other Stuff:
abajo agua alla
araña aqui arbol
ariba ai-ai-ai azul
blanco brisa bye
cafe cama casa
cheese choo-choo coco (small injury)
Elmo Enchie galleta
garage gata girafa
gracias hi ketchup
leche luz mas
moto (motorcycle/bicycle) mucho no
otro pan papas
parque pato pes
pie puente puerta
pulpo rojo salsa
si sienta tienda
uh-oh up-up verde
wow wow-wow (dog) yay

Since then, his words have probably doubled, including a bunch more names (Jack, Carol, Maria, kids from school). He also started playing copycat, imitating new words even if he doesn’t know what they mean. I wanted to keep the list just of words where he knew the meanings.

January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

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